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COVID-19 Guidelines:
Reopening Massachusetts remains at Phase 3 Step 1. We will continue to abide by industry guidelines until further notice. There will be no changes to our guidelines from Step 1. Some important general changes to our protocol:
Reservations are required for all classes. If the class you wish to attend is full, add yourself to the “wait list” to be given early access to the next week’s classes.
– Students may not have early access to classes two weeks in a row.
– Only eight students per class permitted for indoor classes, ten students per class for outdoor classes.
– Saturday classes will continue to meet outdoors.
– Parents not permitted to stay and observe classes – they may watch on Zoom.
– Students must enter through the front door and exit through the back door.
– Masks required.
– Instructors take attendance.
– No physical contact except between family members or “safe circles.”
– Students and their belongings will remain in preset, 14 foot socially distant training zones for the duration of the class.
– All equipment is to be wiped down immediately following use.
– Bathrooms are for emergencies only. Kids should use the restroom prior to coming to the school.
– Zoom classes will continue indefinitely.

Saturday January 30th


Tai Chi Ranking with Sifu Gary
All students are encouraged to come support their classmates, who will be receiving their next sashes during this formal ceremony. Friends and family are welcome, pictures and videos are encouraged! $35 sash fees must be paid by Saturday January 16th.

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