Upcoming Events

Friday October 19th


Kung Fu Movie Night
We will be watching Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior. The movie is rated R, this event is for adult students only. Friends and family are welcome. Please bring something comfortable to sit on, like camping chairs, blankets, or pillows. The event is free and open to the public, but please consider donating to our “pizza jar.” Please notify Sihing if you have any food allergies.

Saturday October 20th


Push Hands Workshop with Bagua Joe
All Tai Chi and Kung Fu students are welcome to hone their skills in this two-hour push hands workshop with Bagua Joe. Bagua Joe has been teaching Bagua Zhang and Tai Chi in the Boston area for many years. No experience is necessary and the event is free to Metrowest Kung Fu students. Non Metrowest Kung Fu students may attend for $20. See Sihing for more information.

Thursday October 25th

Downtown Trick-or-Treat
There will be no Tiger Team or Tai Chi classes. Adult Kung Fu will run as scheduled.

Saturday October 27th


Tai Chi with Sifu Gary
$35 sash fees must be paid by October 20th. See Sihing for more information.

Saturday October 27th


Ecstatic Dance with Sofy Brinister
Ecstatic dance is a free form dance focused around self expression in a non judgmental space, with the music being the teacher. Join us for a night of empowering creativity through music in a judgement-free zone, and let yourself shine!

Satuday October 27th


Tai Chi Ranking with Sifu Gary
$35 sash fees must be paid by October 20th. See Sihing for more information.

Wednesday October 31st

There will be no Kids Kung Fu classes. Slow Flow Yoga with Maggie will run as scheduled.

Saturday November 3rd


Tai Chi Black Sash Ranking
Sihing Eliot’s classmate Sihing Matt will be receiving his black sash in Tai Chi. Sihing Eliot and Sihing Matt started Kung Fu and Tai Chi at the same time and got their Kung Fu black sashes on the same day. (They also have the same birthday.) All Kung Fu and Tai Chi students are encouraged to attend. We will be going out to dinner to celebrate afterwards. Morning yoga with Katina will run as scheduled.

Sunday December 2nd


F.A.M.A. Tournament
X1 Racing, 290 Wood Road, Braintree, MA 02184
Our school will be attending the 11th Annual Martial Arts Tournament and Celebration, hosted by the Federation for the Advancement of Martial Arts. Kung Fu students are encouraged to attend and may compete in forms or point sparring. This is an open tournament that will feature other styles besides Chinese martial arts. Preregistration is $50, with a $15 charge for each additional event. Registration forms may be submitted to Sihing until November 18th. Please note that there is a $10 spectator fee.

Thursday January 31st – Monday February 4th

Annual Chinese New Year Celebration with Sigung and Sifu Sara
More information coming soon.

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