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Tournament Prep Class with Sihing Eliot
Students interested in participating in the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship October 12th should attend this hour-long class, which will help students hone their forms, and prepare for sparring/push hands with unfamiliar competitors. The class is open to all Kung Fu and Tai Chi students at no extra charge. It will run through October 8th.

Saturday August 17th


Black Sash Rankings for Sihing Eliot & Sihing Matt
Kung Fu & Tai Academy of New England, 848 Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA 01501
Sihing Eliot and his Kung Fu brother Sihing Matt will be ranking for their next sashes. Sihing Eliot and Sihing Matt started Kung Fu at the same, and received their black sashes on the same day, over six years ago. Sihing Eliot will be receiving his black sash in Tai Chi, and both Sihing Eliot and Sihing Matt will be receiving their first degree black sashes in Kung Fu. Students are encouraged to come and support their classmates and their teachers.

Saturday October 12th

ForeKicks Marlborough, 219 Forest Street, Marlborough, MA 01752
The International Chinese Martial Arts Championship is returning to Massachusetts! The largest Chinese martial arts tournament in the region, this tournament is open to all students wishing to test their Kung Fu and Tai Chi skills. We hope to have a strong representation from Metrowest Kung Fu at this big and fun event, which attracts competitors from around the country. Like the other tournaments we attend, this event is friendly and accessible, but it is large, so it is important for students to remember that they are not only representing themselves, but also their teacher, their school, their Kung Fu style, and even their country. Courteous behavior is absolutely mandatory, and students should be prepared to present their very best Kung Fu and Tai Chi to the judges. To help prepare, students are encouraged to attend the tournament preparation class described above. Online registration for the tournament will be available shortly.

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