Upcoming Events

Tuesday January 28th 2020


Tai Chi Ranking with Sifu Gary
All students are encouraged to come support their classmates, who will be receiving their next sashes during this formal ceremony. Friends and family are welcome, pictures and videos are encouraged! $35 sash fee must be paid by Tuesday January 14th. See Sihing for more information.

Sunday February 2nd 2020


Qin Na Seminar at YMAA Boston
YMAA Boston, 756 South Street, Roslindale, MA 02131
We will be supporting this event hosted by our friends at YMAA Boston. “Qin na” means “seize and control” and is one of the four major elements of martial arts training (tui/kicking, da/punching, shuai/wrestling, and na/locking). This class will focus on the fundamental principles for Qin Na and self-defense applications of techniques from the YMAA Qin Na Curriculum. Qin na principles are the foundation of numerous martial arts styles including aikido, judo, and Brazilian Jujitsu. These joint locking techniques can be applied to any background and style of training to help understand how to control opponents in hand-to-hand exchange. The material covered in this seminar is a valuable addition to any martial arts style. It is $95 for non-YMAA students. Please see Sihing or contact YMAA Boston for more information.

Sunday February 2nd 2020


Zumba with Roxanne
Zumba is a Latin-based dance fitness class. No experience is necessary and the event is open to the public! You will get a great cardiovascular workout and have a fun time. Licensed Zumba instructor Roxanne O’Connor grew up in a household that fostered a love of music, and graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2009 with a degree in Music Education. She currently resides in New Hampshire and is the music teacher for Bow Elementary School, as well as the lead singing musician for the New Hampshire seacoast nonprofit organization, Arts in Reach. When she isn’t making music, Roxanne enjoys playing with her daughter, watching football her husband, snowboarding, and playing with her adorable pugs Gronk and Liza.

Friday February 7th 2020


Yoga Back Bends: A Heart Opening Sequence
With a focus on proper alignment and mindfulness, experience how regular back bending can protect the wonderful balance of strength and mobility of your spine. Improve your posture, open your shoulders and chest, strengthen your back, decease back pain, breathe better and reduce stress. You will not only walk away with a more informed back bending practice but you’ll leave feeling refreshed, energized and rejuvenated! All levels welcome. $15 to drop in. Members may use punch cards.

Sunday February 9th 2020


Dragon & Tiger Qigong with Steven Cardoza
Rooted in Daoism and Buddhism, each of the seven movements of this 1,500 year old medical qigong set targets a specific traditional Chinese medicine organ system or core qigong energy pathway. Harmonizing movement, breath, and awareness, it deepens body-mind-spirit integration, increases energy, improves circulation and flexibility, and enhances physical and emotional balance. By stimulating qi flow through the meridians of the energy body, more qi moves within the related acupuncture meridians to promote deep healing and wellness.

Similar to Tai Chi, Dragon and Tiger is simpler to do and easier to remember. It is suitable for everyone, all ages, beginners and experienced students alike. On a physical level, the movements mobilize joints and stretch muscles and tendons,opening the muscle-tendon meridians to release tension, stress, and relieve pain. Energetically, by learning to feel and then work at the perimeter of the energy body, the practitioner soon develops a sense of qi moving through the core qigong channels and associated acupuncture meridians corresponding to each movement. Each movement either builds qi or dredges a channel to discharge stagnant qi. The immediate effect is both energizing and calming. Through increasing qi and clearing stagnation, overall health and physical performance are improved, and many diseases may be prevented, mitigated or reversed. The ability to absorb and emit qi through the hands is introduced, and may be further developed as one advances in the Dragon and Tiger practice. In China, Dragon and Tiger has been used to treat cancer and other degenerative diseases.

This four hour workshop is an introduction to Dragon and Tiger Qigong, the first in a series of monthly workshops. You’ll get an overview of the entire set, and will learn the first movement in detail. The first movement may effectively be practiced on its own, so you’ll come away with something you can use for a lifetime. It’s also the foundation upon which the rest of the set is built, preparing you for the workshops to follow if you choose to continue.

For a detailed overview and introduction to Dragon and Tiger Qigong, please visit:

Steven Cardoza, M.Sc., L.Ac., has worked in the alternative health field since 1985. He earned his Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994, is nationally certified and a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in both Massachusetts and California. He has taught qigong, Tai Chi, and related practices for over thirty years. Some of his teachers include Daoist lineage holder Master B.K. Frantzis; 13th generation lineage holder of China’s E Mei tradition, Grandmaster Fu Weizhong; double lineage holder Jeffrey Yuen; Master Hong Liu, author of The Healing Art of Qigong; and Paul Dong, author of Empty Force. He offers workshops in various Massachusetts locations.

Steven is the author of the books Chinese Healing Exercises, A Personalized Practice for Health and Longevity, and Chinese Holistic Medicine in Your Daily Life,” both published internationally by Llewellyn Publications. He produced the companion DVD to his first book, A Visual Guide To Chinese Healing Exercises. He has been interviewed on numerous radio and TV programs, and his articles have appeared in Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness, Earth Star, and Spirit of Change, among others.

Sunday February 16th 2020


Tai Chi Fighting Set
YMAA Boston, 756 South Street, Roslindale, MA 02131
Our friends at YMAA Boston will be teaching the first part of the Taiji Fighting Set. The Taiji Fighting Set is an advanced two-person sequence. Training the sequence deepens one’s understanding of martial application principles and brings one closer to Taijiquan sparring. This is the first workshop in a four-part series. It is open to Tai Chi students who have finished learning the 24 Movement Form. See Sihing Eliot for more information.

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