Upcoming Events


COVID-19 Guidelines:
We have changed our floor layout to include eleven students per class. This is still far less than the capacity currently permitted by the state.
Reservations are required for all classes. If the class you wish to attend is full, add yourself to the “wait list” to be given early access to the next week’s classes.
– Students may not have early access to classes two weeks in a row.
– Only eleven students per class permitted for indoor classes, fourteen students per class for outdoor classes.
– Saturday classes are meeting outdoors, with the exception of yoga.
– Parents are not permitted to stay and observe classes – they may watch on Zoom.
– Students must enter through the front door and exit through the back door.
– Masks are still required. If all students in an in-person class are fully vaccinated, students may remove their masks if they wish.
– Instructors take attendance.
– No physical contact except between family members,”cohorts,” or fully-vaccinated instructors/students.
– Students and their belongings will remain in preset, ten foot socially distant training zones for the duration of the class.
– All equipment is to be wiped down immediately following use.
– Bathrooms are for emergencies only. Kids should use the restroom prior to coming to the school.
– Zoom classes will continue indefinitely.
– Sparring will resume on Tuesdays after the Adult Kung Fu class. Participation is limited to students who are fully vaccinated and two weeks past their final dose.

Mondays, June 7th – July 26th


Six Week Yoga Series with Karyn Force
Deepen your practice in this special six-week yoga series with Karyn Force. This guided practice allows you to explore a deeper internal awareness through flowing movements and longer holds, with focus on breath, alignment, and the freedom to move from within. $72 pre-registration required. Payment is non-refundable. Metrowest Kung Fu students may use their membership or punch cards to register. No class June 21st or July 5th.

Wednesday June 16th


Splits and Lotus with Karyn
Back by popular demand! Calling all Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and yoga students! Would you like more flexibility in your hips and hamstrings? Then this class is for you. For everyone who finds lotus and splits challenging and elusive, but wants to take baby steps toward these key poses. We will focus on safety opening the hips, hamstring and quadriceps in preparation for various split and lotus poses. Open to all levels of students. No experience necessary. Proper alignment, modifications and variations will be taught. Learn stretches you can do at home to continue your practice. Normal yoga prices apply; $15 to drop-in (reservations required), students may also use their punch cards or monthly memberships. Contact Sihing Eliot to register.

Starting Thursday July 1st

Thursdays and Saturdays

Double Stick Module
Adult Kung Fu students of all ranks are welcome to participate in our next module; we will be learning double sticks. Sticks as weapons were part of nearly every society’s martial culture. Double sticks as the group of formalized systems familiar to contemporary martial artists originated in Southeast Asia, and were brought to the United States by Filipino migrant workers throughout the twentieth century. Double sticks are generally not considered “traditional” Chinese Kung Fu weapons; this form is specific to our schools; Sigung Maury created this form in order to offer a beginner-friendly introduction to more advanced traditional Kung Fu weapons, such as double broadswords, double daggers, melon hammers, tiger hook swords, butterfly knives, deer horns, and others. The module costs $25 per month and will take place Thursdays and Saturdays after the Adult Kung Fu class. Contact Sihing Eliot for more information.

Saturday June 26th


Kids Kung Fu Ranking with Sifu Gary
Coolidge Park, 41-45 Parker Street, Maynard, MA 01754
All students are encouraged to come support their classmates who will be receiving their next sashes during this formal ceremony. Friends and family are welcome, pictures and videos are encouraged! Masks and social distancing are required. All sign-offs must be completed by June 12th, including the $35 sash fee.

Saturday July 3rd

No Classes
The school will be closed for the holiday. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

July 10th – July 17th

No Kung Fu or Tai Chi Classes
Sihing Eliot will be on vacation. Kung Fu and Tai Chi students will receive a discount on their membership. Yoga classes will run as scheduled.

Sunday August 1st 2021

Mid Summer Classic Tournament
Oceanwood Camp & Conference Center, 17 Royal Street, Ocean Park, Maine 04063
We’ll be attending our first tournament since the pandemic, hosted by our friends at Nine Tigers Kung Fu. It is an open tournament, meaning there will be schools from other martial arts styles there. Register in person with Sihing Eliot, or online.

Contact Us: 978-823-0201