Upcoming Events


Updates from the Government:
We will be reopening Monday August 10th. Reopening is contingent upon faithful social distancing and a new standard of cleaning and disinfecting – we strongly encourage EVERYONE to remain vigilant, clean, and cautious. Failure to do so could extend the phases, or even result in reverting to a previous “phase” of the reopening plan.

We will continue to meet outdoors on Saturdays. We will no longer split the groups according to rank. Reservations will be required, however, and preference will be given to those who have not trained with Sihing Eliot in person for the longest amount of time. Locations will be announced shortly. Masks and social distancing required. Groups of nine students only.

When the guan reopens, it will not simply be back to business as usual, we will be adhering to a new set of strict social distancing rules to protect our instructors and students. Some changes students can expect:

– Masks required.

– The instructors will take attendance.

– Students and their belongings will remain in preset, 14 foot socially distant training zones for the duration of the class.

– Only eight students per class permitted.

– There will be no physical contact until further notice. (Sparring class will consist of bagwork and drills.)

– Equipment will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

– Students must enter the guan through the front doors on Main Street, and exit the business through the back doors in the parking lot.

– Parents will not be permitted to stay at the guan during classes, and must drop kids off.

– Classes will still be run on Zoom so that students who do not feel comfortable coming to the guan in person can still attend, and parents can still watch their kids in class.

– Strict hand-washing regimen will be followed.

– Students who do not comply with the guidelines listed above will not be permitted to attend class.

– Yoga with Maggie is restarting Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

– Power Yoga with Karen is restarting Sundays at 11am.

– Other changes may be necessary; plans will be solidified as we get closer to reopening.

August 2nd – August 8th


Sihing Eliot on Vacation
Senior students will be running Zoom classes. Kids classes will meet together on Monday and Wednesday, similar to the Saturday class. Monday August 3rd Kids Kung Fu will run 4:30-5:15pm. Wednesday August 5th Kids Kung Fu will run 5:30-6:15pm. There will be no kickboxing or Tiger Team classes. There will be no outdoor class Saturday August 8th, but class will still run on Zoom. Thank you to our senior students for volunteering their time to support their classmates!

Saturday August 29th


Adult Kung Fu Ranking with Sifu Gary
We are very happy to announce we are holding our first in-person ranking since the pandemic. The ranking will take place at an outdoor location TBD. Masks and social distancing will be required. $35 sash fee must be completed by Saturday August 15th. See Sihing for more information.

Contact Us: 978-823-0201