Upcoming Events

Thursday April 25th


Tai Chi Ranking with Sifu Gary
All students are encouraged to come support their classmates, who will be receiving their next sashes during this formal ceremony. Friends and family are welcome, pictures and videos are encouraged! $35 sash fee must be paid by April 11th. See Sihing for more information.

Saturday April 27th


World Tai Chi Day
Elm Park, 138 Russell Street, Worcester, MA 01602
Be a healing part of history! At 10AM local time communities in over eighty countries come together to breathe together, move together, and provide a healing vision for our world. Our group will be lead by Sihing Eliot’s Tai Chi teachers, Sifu Gary LaChapelle and Karim-Ben Saunders. The event is free and open to the public. No Tai Chi experience is necessary. All Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes at Metrowest Kung Fu are cancelled, yoga with Maggie will run as scheduled.

Saturday April 27th – Sunday May 19th

Ayurveda Spring Detox with Jean
Ayurveda originated in India thousands of years ago and is considered to be the world’s oldest healthcare system. The Sanskrit word “Ayurveda” means the “science of life.”

During our time together, we will explore how Ayurvedic medicine strives to create harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. Maintaining this balance prevents illness, treats acute conditions, and contributes to a long and healthy life. Following its dietary principles, practicing traditional home remedies, and living in accordance to natural daily rhythms can increase vitality and calm the mind. You will take away a few Ayurvedic tips to add to your daily life. These simple practices, such as oil massage, meditation, yoga, and cleansing therapies, can increase your health and deepen your yoga practice. This class is individualized for each student.

$120 per student. Students who would like to learn more before committing may attend an into to Ayurveda class; see below. Program includes:

Intro to Ayurveda Yoga Class
Saturday April 27th, 2:30-3:45pm
$15 to drop in, returning students may use punch cards.

Detox Intro Class
Sunday April 28th, 2:30-3:45pm

2 Weekly Conference Calls with Jean
At a time and date TBD by Jean and the students.

Detox Closing Class
Sunday May 19th, 2:30-3:45pm

Saturday April 27th


$10 per person

Free Flow
An improvisational artistic event; entertainment with audience participation, and FUN! Featuring artists interacting with those who come to play! $10 per person, or what you can afford. Kids welcome! See Sihing Eliot or Pam Newton for more information.

Mondays and Wednesdays


Starting April 29th

Kung Fu Kickboxing with Sihing Eliot
Looking for a workout? Kickstart your day with a fun cardio workout that will teach you simple and effective self-defense basics in an energetic and beginner-friendly environment! Lose weight, get fit, and have fun with our head instructor: a “rising star in the martial arts community,” Eliot Prisby. $15 to drop in, $120 for a ten class punch card.

Tuesdays and Thursdays


Starting April 30th

Taste of Tai Chi with Sihing Eliot
Curious about Tai Chi but not ready to commit to our full (very extensive) Tai Chi curriculum? Take a Taste of Tai Chi! This course will allow you to pay yoga prices for our evening Tai Chi classes for a period of six weeks. ($15 to drop in, $120 for a ten class punch card.) Students will have access to our beginner-friendly Tai Chi classes, but without the pressure of buying a uniform or testing for rank. New students only. Contact Sihing Eliot for more information.



Starting May 3rd

Moderate Yoga with Karyn
Deepen your practice with these theme-based classes which focus on smooth movements, longer holdings with focus on breath, healthy alignment, and clear intent. Hands-on assists provided. All levels welcome. Modifications and variations provided. $15 to drop in, $120 for a ten class punch card.

Saturday May 4th


Kid Pinky and Restaurante Allende at the Spring ArtWalk
On the first Saturday in May, the Maynard Business Alliance celebrates the vibrant arts community in Maynard and the surrounding area with our “Spring ArtWalk”: An Evening of Art & Music in Downtown Maynard. In shops and along the streets you’ll find musicians, painting, crafts for kids, a large mural by art students, and perhaps a “flash mob” dance! At Metrowest Kung Fu, get the blues with Kid Pinky, a retro-style, four-piece blues band that is both authentic and unique. Lead man Steve Prisby was the founder and leader of The Movers, the 1995 International Blues Band Competition winner in Memphis, TN. Accompanied by three highly talented bluesmen from the New Hampshire area, Kid Pinky is a throwback to the future. While paying homage to blues from the 40s and 50s, as well as New Orleans funk and jazz, they have assimilated their influences to conceive an entirely innovative and original sound. Engaging personalities and comfortable volume levels always make the show FUN, creating an intimacy that feels like a private performance in your own living room…or kwoon. We’ll also be featuring delicious food from Maynard’s upcoming Puerto Rican restaurant, Restaurante Allende!

Saturday May 11th


$50 per student

Wu Dao Tournament
Wu Dao Kung Fu & Tai Chi, 130 Smith Place, Cambridge, MA 02138
Our friends at Wu Dao Kung Fu & Tai Chi are hosting an in-house (invitation-only) tournament. All Kung Fu and Tai Chi students are encouraged to attend. The tournament is small, friendly, and inexpensive ($50 to register), so it is a great experience for first-time competitors, or students who may nervous about competing. Minimum requirement for competition is knowing one full form. Register online, or see Sihing Eliot for more information.



Starting May 14th

Lunch Break Gentle Yoga with Katina
For yogis with limited time looking for a way to move and unwind during the workday. This class includes a floor warm-up, short gentle flow, and stress-releasing guided meditation. $15 to drop in, $120 for a ten class punch card.

Saturday May 18th


$60 per student

Internal Martial Arts Seminar with Kwan Saihung
Also known as “The Wandering Taoist,” Kwan Saihung is a well-known instructor of the Chinese martial arts who has emerged from retirement to share his arts with us. He will be teaching a workshop focusing on Qigong. Qigong is a holistic system of movement, breathing, and stretching designed to cultivate qi, and believed to assist the cultivation of health and martial skill. The basic sets of Qigong movements that Mr. Kwan teaches first are used for health, healing, and to set up a strong foundation for more advanced practice. The workshop is beginner-friendly and open to the public. It is $60 per student.

Contact Us: 978-823-0201