Upcoming Events

Starting December 18th


Demo Class
We will be starting a DEMO CLASS on Tuesdays 4:30-5:30pm. This class is open to all students who would like to help put on a demonstration for our community, showing what we learn at our school. It is open to both kids and adults, both Kung Fu and Tai Chi students. There is no extra cost; we simply ask that the students attend the class regularly and be available to perform on February 8th – if the demo goes well, we may end up doing other public events as well! This class will start Tuesday December 18th and will run indefinitely.

Saturday December 22nd


Push Hands Workshop with Bagua Joe
All Tai Chi and Kung Fu students are welcome to hone their skills in this two-hour push hands workshop. No experience is necessary. Bagua Joe has been teaching Bagua Zhang and Tai Chi in the Boston area for many years. The event costs $20 per student, partial proceeds will go to Bagua Joe’s non-profit school he is opening.

Saturday December 29th


Kids Kung Fu Ranking with Sifu Gary
All students are encouraged to come support their classmates, who will be receiving their next sashes during this formal ceremony. Friends and family are welcome, pictures and videos are encouraged! Sign-offs including $35 sash fees must be completed by December 14th. See Sihing for more information.

Saturday January 19th


Ukemi: Falling with Style
Join us for an afternoon of tumbling with international judo champion Sensei Mikel LaChapelle. A seasoned competitor and instructor, Sensei LaChapelle will teach you to fall and submit safely while practicing applications or sparring. Time-permitting, he will also teach some basic throws. The event is open to adult Kung Fu students of Metrowest Kung Fu and The Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy of New England. The event costs $60 per student. No experience is necessary.

Thursday January 31st – Monday February 4th

Annual Chinese New Year Celebration with Sigung and Sifu Sara
We will be driving to Virginia to celebrate the Chinese New Year with Sigung, Sifu Sara, and their students. The trip costs $325 per student. The cost includes training fees and three nights of ocean-side lodging in Virginia Beach. The trip is open to adult Kung Fu students with one year of experience. Students must register by December 1st.

Friday February 8th

Massachusetts Chinese New Year Celebration
We are teaming up with our friend Bo Wang from TruNature Salt Therapy to celebrate one of China’s most important holidays! There will be lion dancing, traditional Chinese music and dance, and Tai Chi/Kung Fu demonstrations! There is no cost, but Kung Fu and Tai Chi students are expected to contribute to a potluck dinner.

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