Upcoming Events

Saturday May 20th, 8AM-4PM

Tat Wong Tournament

Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy, 42 Washington Street, Middletown, CT 06457
More of our Kung Fu friends at the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy are hosting an in-house tournament as well. All Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do students are encouraged to attend. Like the Wu Dao tournament, this tournament is small, friendly, and inexpensive. See Sihing Eliot for more details. Sifu Daniel and his students came all the way up from Connecticut to support OUR in-house tournament last month, so let’s show support for our Kung Fu community and return the favor. This tournament is pre-registration ONLY. Registration forms are available at the desk and must be turned in to Sihing by May 1st.

Tuesday May 23rd, 6:30PM

Adult Kung Fu Ranking

Sifu Gary will be presiding over the next adult Kung Fu sash ranking. All adult Kung Fu students are encouraged to attend even if they are not testing for their sashes. $35 sash fees are due by May 11th.

Saturday May 27th & Sunday May 28th

Spring Workshops with Master Guo Naihui

Chinese Martial Arts Division of Athletic Balance, 23 Nagog Park, Acton, MA 01720
Master Guo Naihui is a disciple of Grandmaster Ma Yingda, son of very famous Ma Fengtu. He was recently featured in the latest issue of the “Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine.” Master Guo will be teaching 3 seminars: Fanzi, Bangian, and Chuojiao. One seminar costs $95, all three cost $260. There will be no Kung Fu or Tai Chi at Metrowest Kung Fu Saturday May 27th, due to the seminars. See Sihing for more information.

Monday May 29th

Memorial Day

Classes will run as scheduled.

Thursday June 1st, 7:30PM

Kung Fu Strength-Building Module

Open to all adult Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Tae Kwon Do students, this class will help to safely and effectively increase muscle strength and flexibility through a series of isometric and isotonic exercises specifically designed for Kung Fu practitioners. The class takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays after the adult Kung Fu class. It is an additional $25 per month per student. See Sihing for details!

Friday June 2nd, 6-7:30PM

Candlelight Restorative Yoga with Karyn

Begin your weekend with a calm state of mind and relaxed body. Restorative yoga is a gentle and quiet practice which uses props such as blankets or blocks to fully support your body, helping layers of tension melt away as we practice the art of letting go or undoing through deep relaxation. The first Friday of each month, the class costs $20 per student. Payment is required to reserve a spot, as space is limited. See Karyn or Sihing for details.

Friday June 9th, 7-9PM

Thai Yoga with Katina and Karen

Feeling achy or in need of a little yoga kick start? Treat yourself to Thai Yoga with Katina Fontes and Karen Larsen! Thai Yoga combines gentle yoga with Thai massage, perfect for all levels of yoga experience! The second Friday of each month, the class is $30 per student. Space is limited to 12 students. Payment is required to make a reservation, as space is limited. See Katina, Karen, or Sihing for details.

Saturday June 10th, 2PM-3:30PM

Yoga for Runners, Cyclists, and Athletes with Karyn

This 90 minute slow and gentle class offers a deep opening and release for the muscles around the hips, lower back and legs. Athletic training such as cycling, running and weights while building bulk also act to shorten and contract the muscles of the body. Through specific poses and a custom sequence designed to open the hips, hamstrings and quadriceps, you will learn stretches to increase flexibility and elongate the muscles which aid in releasing chronic tension and tightness. This class makes a great Father’s Day gift! The class is $20. Payment is required to make a reservation, as space is limited. See Karyn or Sihing for details.

Saturday June 17th, 7PM-9PM

Kid Pinky at ArtsNight Maynard

As a part of June’s ArtsNight Maynard, enjoy the blues with Kid Pinky, a retro-style, four-piece blues band that is both authentic and unique. Lead man Steve Prisby was the founder and leader of The Movers, the 1995 International Blues Competition winner in Memphis, TN. Accompanied by three highly talented bluesmen from the New Hampshire area, Kid Pinky is a throwback to the future. While paying homage to the blues from the 40s and 50s, as well as New Orleans funk and jazz, they have assimilated their influences to conceive an entirely innovative and original sound. Engaging personalities and comfortable volume levels always make the show FUN, creating an intimacy that feels like a private performance in your own living room…or Kung Fu school.

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