Upcoming Events

Saturday July 21st


Painting Party
“The warrior keeps his swords immaculate; the businessman keeps his desk clear; the painter cleans his brushes; and the martial artist helps to keep his school clean.” In a traditional Chinese martial arts school (which we are), the students take care of the school. After Kids Kung Fu and yoga with Katina, we will be putting another coat of white paint on the walls, in lieu of the regular Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes. It is not mandatory, but the more people who help, the more quickly the job will get done. All Kung Fu, Tai Chi, yoga, and Tae Kwon Do students are encouraged to participate. We will get pizza afterward to celebrate.

Saturday July 28th


Kung Fu-Beque
164 Cedar Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748
We will be taking the day off to have fun in the sun! We will be going to Hopkinton State Park. Swimming area does not open until 11, but feel free to arrive as early as 8, since parking spots fill quickly in the summer and the park closes once the lot is full. Dogs are allowed, but must be leashed. No flotation devices allowed. There are places for swimming, kayaking/canoeing, hiking, fishing, and grilling! It costs 8$ per car to get in for Massachusetts residents.

Friday August 10th & Saturday August 11th

No Kung Fu or Tai Chi Classes
Yoga will run as scheduled.

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