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Updates from the Government:
Our business will be permitted to reopen during Phase 3, which is tentatively set for July 6th. This is contingent upon faithful social distancing and a new standard of cleaning and disinfecting – we strongly encourage EVERYONE to remain vigilant, clean, and cautious. Failure to do so could extend the phases, or even result in reverting to a previous “phase” of the reopening plan.

When the guǎn reopens, it will not simply be back to business as usual, we will be adhering to a new set of strict social distancing rules to protect our instructors and students. Some changes students can expect:
– The instructors will wear masks.
– The instructors will take attendance.
– Students will maintain a minimum distance of six feet from each other during class. This may require a limitation on the number of students who can attend class – more information will be available as we approach our reopening.
– There will be no physical contact until further notice: no high-fives, no yoga assists, no sparring, no qin na, no applications, no two-person conditioning, and no push hands.
– Equipment will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
– Students will only be permitted to enter the guǎn through the front doors on Main Street.
– Students will only be permitted to exit the business through the back doors in the parking lot.
– Parents will not be permitted to stay at the guǎn during classes, and must drop kids off.
– Classes will still be run on Zoom so that students who do not feel comfortable coming to the guǎn in person can still attend, and parents can still watch their kids in class.
– Students will be expected to wash hands before and after class, and also after using the restroom. Strict hand-washing regimen will be followed.
– Other changes may be necessary; plans will be solidified as we get closer to reopening.
– Part of our training as martial arts students is to strengthen our sense of responsibility to ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. Students who do not comply with the guidelines listed above will not be permitted to attend class.

We can’t wait to see all our students again!

Yoga and kickboxing classes have been free since the guǎn closed, but we will start requiring payments to attend Zoom classes in the month of June. Students will receive a link to the Zoom class after paying via PayPal or Venmo. Payments must be made at least six hours in advance.

Gentle Yoga with Jean is Mondays 6:30-7:30pm on Zoom. Power Yoga with Claire is Tuesdays 9-10am on Zoom. Nature Yoga with Karen is available via YouTube or download from the school’s Google Drive.

Sunday June 7th


Zumba with Roxanne
Roxanne O’Connor will be teaching Zumba via Facebook live stream Sunday June 7th. Zumba does not allow their instructors to stream from professional pages, so you will have to send Roxanne a friend request on Facebook in order to participate. The class is free to attend. Donations can be made via PayPal to, or via Venmo to @Eliot-Prisby.

Contact Us: 978-823-0201