Upcoming Events

February 24th – March 2nd

No Kung Fu or Tai Chi Classes
Sihing Eliot will be on vacation. Students will receive a discount on their monthly tuition. All Kung Fu and Tai Chi students are welcome to train at Sifu Gary’s school in the interim.

Saturday March 9th

No Kung Fu or Tai Chi Classes in Maynard
We will be attending the Five Animal Qigong workshop with Kwan Saihung in Woburn. More information on the seminar is available on Kwan Saihung’s website.

Saturday March 9th


Kid Pinky and Buen Sazón de la Abuela Petra at ArtsNight Maynard
As a part of March’s ArtsNight Maynard, get the blues with Kid Pinky, a retro-style, four-piece blues band that is both authentic and unique. Lead man Steve Prisby was the founder and leader of The Movers, the 1995 International Blues Band Competition winner in Memphis, TN. Accompanied by three highly talented bluesmen from the New Hampshire area, Kid Pinky is a throwback to the future. While paying homage to blues from the 40s and 50s, as well as New Orleans funk and jazz, they have assimilated their influences to conceive an entirely innovative and original sound. Engaging personalities and comfortable volume levels always make the show FUN, creating an intimacy that feels like a private performance in your own living room…or kwoon. We’ll also be featuring delicious food from Maynard’s upcoming Puerto Rican restaurant, Buen Sazón de la Abuela Petra!

Saturday March 16th


$60 per student

Bak Mei Seminar with Sifu Gary
Sifu Gary will be teaching us Jik Bo, a beginner’s Bak Mei form. Bak Mei is a Southern Short Fist style of Kung Fu that emphasizes short-range, powerful movements. The seminar is beginner-friendly and open to the public. See Sihing Eliot for more details.

Saturday March 23rd


$60 per student

Qigong Workshop with Kwan Saihung
Kwan Saihung is a well-known instructor of the Chinese martial arts who has emerged from retirement to share his arts with us. He will be teaching a workshop focusing on Qigong. Qigong is a holistic system of movement, breathing, and stretching designed to cultivate qi, and believed to assist the cultivation of health and martial skill. The basic sets of Qigong movements that Mr. Kwan teaches first are used for health, healing, and to set up a strong foundation for more advanced practice. The workshop is beginner-friendly and open to the public. It is $60 per student.

Saturday March 30th


Tat Wong Tournament
42 Washington Street, Middletown, CT 06457
Our friends at Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy are hosting an in-house (invitation-only) tournament. All Kung Fu students are encouraged to attend. The tournament is small, friendly, and inexpensive ($35 to register), so it is a great experience for first-time competitors, or students who may nervous about competing. Minimum requirement for competition is knowing one full form. Pick up registration paperwork at the kwoon. Students must submit registration forms to Sihing Eliot by Wednesday March 13th. See Sihing Eliot for more details.

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