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COVID-19 Guidelines:
We have changed our floor layout to include fifteen students per class for adults and eleven for kids. This is still far less than the capacity currently permitted by the state.
Reservations are required for all classes. If the class you wish to attend is full, add yourself to the “wait list” to be given early access to the next week’s classes.
– Students may not have early access to classes two weeks in a row.
– Parents are not permitted to stay and observe classes – they may watch on Zoom.
– Students must enter through the front door and exit through the back door.
– Masks are required.
– Instructors take attendance.
– No physical contact except between family members, “cohorts,” or fully-vaccinated instructors/students.
– Students and their belongings will remain in preset, ten foot socially distant training zones for the duration of the class.
– All equipment is to be wiped down immediately following use.
– Bathrooms are for emergencies only. Kids should use the restroom prior to coming to the school.
– Zoom classes will continue indefinitely.
– Sparring will resume on Tuesdays after the Adult Kung Fu class. Participation is limited to students who are fully vaccinated and two weeks past their final dose.

Sunday October 17th 2021


Sun Salutations with Karyn
The Sun Salutation is a graceful sequence of yoga positions performed as one continuous form. Learn how to salute the sun with intention and gratitude. In most yoga classes, sun salutations are used to warm up the body, but the class pace doesn’t always allow for complete explanation or intention behind these transformational movements. This workshop will include the alignment and modifications for each posture as well an emphasis on breath and flow, accessing the postures safely without strain. Whether you are a yoga student who wants to refine your salutation, or a Kung Fu student interested in learning a yoga form to compliment your practice, this class will leave you feeling strong, energized and renewed. Class will end with an extended guided relaxation. $25 per student, payment required to hold a spot; space is limited!.

Sunday December 12th 2021


Holiday Relief – Free Your Neck and Shoulders
Do you have tension and tightness in your neck and shoulders or experience headaches or TMJ? Would you like more flexibility and ease of movement? This class will focus on specific yoga poses and stretches that are designed to bring relief to tight shoulders and neck and improve posture. Learn exercises you can do at home which maintain a healthy neck and ease stress and tension. Class will end with an extended guided relaxation. $25 per student, payment required to hold a spot; space is limited!

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