12 May

Wu Dao Tournament ~ May 11th 2019

Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the Wu Dao Kung Fu Spring Competition! We are very proud of all of our students, and grateful to Sifu Lindsay for organizing the tournament. Photos are available on our Facebook page.


Sihing Pedro “Bengie” Toro Jr.
2nd Place Adult Advanced Weapons
2nd Place Adult Advanced Sparring
3rd Place Adult Advanced Forms

Christopher Fritz
1st Place Adult Intermediate Forms
2nd Place Intermediate Tai Chi
2nd Place Adult Intermediate Sparring

Roger Zimmerman
2nd Place Beginner Tai Chi
3rd Place Adult Beginner Forms

Vinod Pulkayath
2nd Place Adult Intermediate Forms
2nd Place Adult Intermediate Weapons
3rd Place Adult Intermediate Sparring

Mark Globerson
1st Place Advanced Tai Chi

Paxton Kwong
3rd Place Teen Beginner Hand Forms
3rd Place Teen Weapons

Juan Lopez
3rd Place Junior Hand Forms

Lucas Wright
1st Place Junior Hand Forms

Dylan Wright
2nd Place Childrens’ Hand Forms

Alexander Solen