10 Oct

What is the best martial art to study?

People sometimes ask, “What is the best martial art to study?”

All styles have value, but the most important thing to search for is an enlightened teacher. What the school teaches is more important than its martial arts style. Since anyone can teach skills, the quest is to find a school that teaches life values through the martial arts. No matter what type of art you study, treat it as a path to personal growth and development. What makes all martial arts special is their lineage of life and death, living in the moment of truth, integrating body, mind, and emotion into a whole that is greater than the sum of their parts. It is a whole we call “spirit.” When a martial arts school can inspire, focus, and motivate its students to improve themselves and grow as human beings, it transcends its “style.”

Your martial arts school should enhance your quality as a person and the quality of your life.

When you feel these inner changes, you know that you have found the best martial arts for you.