31 Oct

The Eleven Elements

The Eleven Elements are eleven phrases that are based on the lessons taught by many great teachers throughout history. As with all spiritual lessons is NOT necessary to memorize the expressions word by word; rather, they are meant to be reflected upon. When thinking about each element, meditate on the phrase to try to reach a personal understanding of its meaning, and consider how the concept can be used to increase happiness and well-being in your life.

Honor yourself.
Honor your parents.
Honor those who teach you.
Protect those you love.
Protect life weaker than you.
Be grateful for what is given to you.
Struggle bravely against adversity.
Live by the Golden Rule.
Learn patience and humility.
Teach others by example.
Leave things better than you found them.

At Metrowest Kung Fu, it is our belief that people who live by these Eleven Elements will find peace within themselves, and subsequently be honored and respected by others.