25 Oct

Tai Chi Ranking ~ October 24th 2017

Congratulations to our students who received their next Tai Chi sashes!


To Purple Sash:
Irene Gruber
Tom Roy (not shown)

To Green Sash:
Antonio Fontes
Roger Zimmerman

To Yellow Sash Green Stripe:
Curvin Huber

To Yellow Sash:
Marla Iyasere

To White Sash Yellow Stripe:
Amy Fortier
Reid Fortier (not shown)
Christopher Fritz

To White Sash:
Mark Globerson
Melissa Pease (not shown)
Vinod Pulkayath
David Wisniewski

Thank you to Sihing Eliot’s teachers Sifu Gary from the Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy of New England and Laoshi Karim from Full Circle Tai Chi & Qigong for presiding over the ranking. Photographs are available on our Facebook page. As always, thank you to our students and their families for supporting our school.