21 May

Spring 2017 Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy Tournament

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy In-House Tournament on May 20th! A big thank you to Sifu Daniel for inviting us, and a big congratulations to everyone who participated! Photos are available on our Facebook page.


Sije Cheyenne LaChapelle
1st Place Hand Forms
1st Place Long Weapons
2nd Place Short Weapons
2nd Place Other Weapons

Sihing Eliot Prisby
3rd Place Long Weapons
3rd Place Short Weapons
3rd Place Other Weapons
1st Place Heavyweight Sparring

James Fiore
2nd Place Hand Forms
2nd Place Long Weapons
1st Place Short Weapons
1st Place Other Weapons
1st Place Middleweight Sparring
Advanced Grand Champion

Jimmy Davis

Christian Jansen
1st Place Hand Forms
Beginner Grand Champion