07 May

May 6th 2018 ~ Wu Dao Tournament

Congratulations to all of our students who attended the tournament at the Wu Dao Kung Fu Academy today, we are very proud of all the competitors, especially our students from Metrowest Kung Fu who represented our school!

Photos are available on our Facebook page. See results for our schools below!



Kevin Simpson
1st Place Advanced Tai Chi
1st Place Adult Weapons
2nd Place Adult Mens Push Hands
3rd Place Adult Advanced Forms

Elan Cannon
1st Place Adult Intermediate Hand Forms
2nd Place Sparring

Brendan Egan
1st Place Adult Beginner Hand Forms
3rd Place Adult Weapons
3rd Place Sparring

Roger Zimmerman
2nd Place Intermediate Tai Chi
3rd Place Adult Mens Push Hands

Anthony Desy
1st Place Beginner Tai Chi
1st Place Adult Mens Push Hands

Mark Globerson
2nd Place Advanced Tai Chi

Peter Shipman
2nd Place Beginner Tai Chi

Alexander Solen
2nd Place Push Hands
2nd Place Sparring
3rd Place Childrens Hand Forms

Amelia Landry
1st Place Sparring
2nd Place Push Hands
3rd Place Juniors Hand Forms

Juan Lopez
2nd Place Juniors Hand Forms
3rd Place Sparring
4th Place Push Hands