13 May

May 12th 2018 ~ Tat Wong Tournament

Congratulations to all of our students who attended the tournament at the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy today, we are very proud of all the competitors. We would like to thank Sifu Daniel and his hard-working team of instructors and judges for having us!

We would especially like to thank the parents of our students who made such a long drive to support this event: Rosie Atherton, Craig Force, David & Linda Kwong, and Karen Sheppard. Thank you all for your support of the school and helping to keep Kung Fu alive and healthy in our community!

Photos are available on our Facebook page. See results for our schools below!


Kevin “The Eliminator” Sheppard
1st Place Teen Beginner Hand Forms
2nd Place Teen/Adult Advanced Heavyweight Sparring

Giovanni Sabatelli
2nd Place Junior Intermediate Hand Forms

Diego Moreno
1st Place Junior Other Weapons

Will Atherton
3rd Place Junior Intermediate Hand Forms

Justen “The Jedi” Force
3rd Place Junior Bantam Weight Sparring

Paxton Kwong
3rd Place Junior Beginner Hand Forms