28 Mar

Kids Kung Fu Ranking ~ Saturday March 27th 2021

Congratulations to our students who received their next sashes!


To Brown Sash Purple Stripe:
Justen Force

To Brown Sash White Stripe:
Amelia Landry (not shown)

To Blue Sash White Stripe:
Diya Arun
Luke Haryanto

To Purple Sash Red Stripe:
Lucas Wright

To Purple Sash Black Stripe:
Treven Force
Ethan Kim
Dylan Wright

To Purple Sash White Stripe:
Adelaide Shea

To Green Sash Red Stripe:
Mason Cheung

To Green Sash Black Stripe:
Lily Bourdelais
Izzy Friedman

To Green Sash White Stripe:
Coty Terrenzi

To Yellow Sash Black Stripe:
Finn Price

To Yellow Sash White Stripe:
Tice Hardin
Kenny Houghton

To White Sash Black Stripe:
Karli Cheung
Ayaan Nehemiah
Mirabelle Price
Ursula Prisby

To White Sash:
Rishika Amatya Kalavagunta
Soham Amatya Kalavagunta
Andrew Stewart
Ben Stewart
Olivia Vitale

Thank you to Sifu Gary for presiding over the ranking. Thank you to our students and their families for their continued support of the guǎn, especially during this difficult time. Photos are available on our Facebook page.