29 Aug

Kids Kung Fu Ranking ~ March 30th 2020

Congratulations to our students who received their next sashes! These students were scheduled to test for their sashes March 30th, but the school closed two weeks prior due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so these students received their sashes and a Certificate of Advancement by mail. We look forward to seeing our students in person at our next ranking in September!

To Brown Sash Yellow Stripe:
Alexander Solen

To Brown Sash White Stripe:
Kai Diesing
Justen Force

To Blue Sash Red Stripe:
Eli O’Toole

To Blue Sash White Stripe:
Amelia Landry

To Purple Sash Red Stripe:
Zachary Copetas

To Purple Sash Black Stripe:
Korey Garrigan

To Purple Sash White Stripe:
Diya Arun
Luke Haryanto
Robin Ledwell

To Green Sash Red Stripe:
Jasper Weeks
Lucas Wright

To Green Sash Black Stripe:
Liam DeChellis
Treven Force
Ethan Kim
Adelaide Shea
Dylan Wright

Green Sash White Stripe:
James Begin
Mason Cheung
Raemana Fialkoff

To Yellow Sash Red Stripe:
Juan Lopez

To Yellow Sash Black Stripe:
Lily Bourdelais
Izzy Friedman

To Yellow Sash White Stripe:
Reuben Fialkoff
Coty Terrenzi

To White Sash Red Stripe:
Daniel Dyer
Mae Dyer
Coty Terrenzi

To White Sash Black Stripe:
Anthony Armata
Tice Hardin
Lucas Harrison
Kenny Houghton
Liam Lantry-Travers
Finn Price
Enzo Tuzzolo

Thank you to our students and their families for their continued support of the guǎn during this difficult time.