30 Dec

Kids Kung Fu Ranking ~ December 29th 2018

Congratulations to all of our students who received their next sashes!


To Purple Sash Red Stripe:
Kai Diesing (not shown)
Alexander Solen

To Purple Sash Black Stripe:
Will Atherton
Justen Force
Eli O’Toole

To Green Sash Red Stripe:
Jackson Caldwell
Zachary Copetas
Chris Wilkins

To Green Sash Black Stripe:
Amelia Landry

To Yellow Sash Red Stripe:
Diya Arun
Korey Garrigan (not shown)
C.J. Ledwell
Simon O’Toole
Nina Parillo (not shown)

To Yellow Sash Black Stripe:
Luke Haryanto
Lyric McCarthy

To Yellow Sash White Stripe:
Juan Lopez
Paxton Kwong
Adelaide Shea
Jasper Weeks
Dylan Wright
Lucas Wright

To White Sash Red Stripe:
Alura Barren (not shown)
Nick Begin
Liam DeChellis
Treven Force
Ethan Kim
Sabrina Symes
Lorelei Taylor

To White Sash Black Stripe:
James Begin
Mason Cheung
Sara Denault
Raemana Fialkoff
Tommy Flynn
Wyatt Messina

To White Sash:
Reuben Fialkoff

Thank you to Sifu Gary for presiding over the ranking, as well as Sihing Tian, Mr. Tim, and Mr. Roger for helping to keep such a large group organized. As always, thank you to our students and their families for supporting the kwoon. Photos are available on our Facebook page!