31 Dec

Kids Kung Fu Ranking ~ December 27th 2017

Congratulations to our kid Kung Fu students who received their next sashes!


To Green Sash Red Stripe
Diego Moreno (not shown)

To Green Sash Black Stripe
Kai Diesing
Alexander Solen

To Green Sash White Stripe
Will Atherton
Justen Force (not shown)
Eli O’Toole

To Yellow Sash Red Stripe
Caleb Langhoff

To Yellow Sash Black Stripe
Jackson Caldwell
Zachary Copetas
Chris Wilkins

To Yellow Sash White Stripe
Amelia Landry
MacKenzie Roy (not shown)

To White Sash Red Stripe
Antonio Masella (not shown)
Simon O’Toole
Nina Parillo

To White Sash Black Stripe
Diya Arun
Korey Garrigan
C.J. Ledwell

To White Sash
Jason Deitel
Tommy Flynn
Luke Haryanto
Lyric McCarthy
Adelaide Shea
Nell Smith

Thank you to Sihing Eliot’s teacher Sifu Gary from the Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy of New England for presiding over the ranking. Professional photographs by Amy Mae Photography are available on our Facebook page. As always, thank you to our students and their families for supporting our school.