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  • Thanks to everyone who attended our couples’ yoga class. We had a blast! Tom and Bonniejean practice the “Superman pose:” Some of the ladies wanted to try a more challenging triple Downward Dog: Not wanting to be outdone, some of the men decided to try it too! Thanks to Sara for running a fun and […]
  • We would like to congratulate Master Bloch on his receipt of his 5th degree Tae Kwon Do black belt. He has generously shared video of some of his breaks with us: Side Kick: Jumping Hook Kick: Elbow: Spinning Side Kick (8 Boards): Sifu Gary often reminds us that a black belt is just a white […]
  • Just a quick video of Sihing Eliot practicing basics…the form is far from flawless, but that’s why we practice! Bok Pai Quan
  • Here’s a quick video of Sihing Eliot learning his newest Kung Fu form from his older Kung Fu sister Sije Cheyenne. Yi Lu Hua Quan with Sije Cheyenne Note that an elder Kung Fu brother or sister does not mean that the senior is bigger, stronger, or even older than the junior…it is all relative […]
  • Check out our Kung Fu brothers and sisters in Virginia performing our first form, Lián Huán Quan (連環拳). Good job guys! Lián Huán Quan (連環拳)