12 Jun

Adult Kung Fu Ranking ~ Saturday June 5th 2021

Congratulations to our students who received their next sashes!


To Brown Sash Red Stripe
Will Atherton
Greta Prisby

To Brown Sash White Stripe:
Scott Morrison

To Brown Sash:
Mark Globerson

To Purple Sash Blue Stripe:
James Begin
Korey Garrigan
Timothy Walsh (not shown)
Jasper Weeks

To Purple Sash:
Yaron Dar
Holly Hardin

To Green Sash Purple Stripe:
Beth Foote
Sam Hammond
Phil Maiewski

To Yellow Sash Green Stripe:
Anton Grankin
Kai Oldham

To White Sash Yellow Stripe:
Cassian Ortiz

To White Sash:
Sachi Amatya-Kalavagunta

Thank you to our students and their families for their continued support of the guǎn, especially during this difficult time. Photos are available on our Facebook page.