29 Aug

Adult Kung Fu Ranking ~ August 29th 2020

Congratulations to our students who received their next sashes!


To Brown Sash Red Stripe:
Diego Moreno
Tom Roy

To Brown Sash Black Stripe:
Christopher Fritz

To Brown Sash White Stripe:
Kevin Sheppard

To Brown Sash:
Sara Lundberg

To Blue Sash:
Scott Morrison

To Purple Sash Blue Stripe:
Mark Globerson

To Green Sash:
Timothy Walsh

To Yellow Sash Green Stripe:
Yaron Dar
Holly Hardin
Mark Price

To Yellow Sash:
Beth Foote
Sam Hammond
Phil Maiewski

To White Sash:
Anton Grankin
Kai Oldham

Thank you to Sifu Gary for presiding over the ranking. Thank you to our students and their families for their continued support of the guǎn, especially during this difficult time. Photos are available on our Facebook page.