21 Jul

9 Keys to Perseverance: Stay focused on your vision.

Begin each project or goal with the end result in mind, and be flexible in the methods you use to get there.

Proactive people realize that a commitment is a promise to take action and follow through with it. Proactive people have developed a habit of commitment that makes them stronger and more resistant to life’s challenges. To become a proactive person and develop a habit of strong commitment, you need to have confidence in yourself and be willing to make adjustments in your life to achieve your goals. Kung Fu students often notice an increase in self-confidence as a primary benefit of training. Self-defense knowledge combined with physical activity impacts the way you feel about yourself. Some students have described the feeling as “discovering a new inner strength.” Once you have confidence in yourself and believe that you have the potential to achieve your goals, you must be willing to make adjustments and be flexible in your methods as obstacles appear.