Frequently Asked Questions

How much do classes cost?

Kung Fu and Tai Chi cost $100 per student per month. Students may receive a discount by paying in advance: $275 for 3 months, $550 for 6 months, or $1100 for 1 year. We offer discounts for students attending multiple classes. We also offer family discounts. Yoga and Tae Kwon Do classes are $15 to drop in, or $120 for a 10 class punch card. Please note that punch cards expire after 90 days. The best way to find out the price is to let Sihing Eliot know which classes you are interested in attending.

Does $100 per month mean I have to pay $300 per month if I do Kung Fu, Tai Chi, AND yoga?

No way! Each program you take in addition to your main program only costs an additional $25 per month. For example, a yoga student who decides to do Tai Chi as well will pay $125 per month. A Kung Fu student who does yoga and Tai Chi as well will pay $150 per month. The individual student rate caps at $175 per month regardless of how many programs the student does.

Do you have family discounts?

Yes. The family discount is only applicable to immediate family members. The first family member pays full price, $100 per month. The second family member pays $50 per month. The third family member pays $25 per month. Any additional family member trains for free. Family discounts are only applicable to the first program each student does; additional programs still cost $25 per month per student. The family rate caps at $250 per month regardless of how many family members participate and how many programs they do.

Do you have drop-in rates?

Due to the cumulative nature of the Kung Fu and Tai Chi curricula, drop-ins are only allowed for yoga and Tae Kwon Do classes. Drop-in rates are $15 per class. Yoga students may also purchase a punchcard with ten classes for $120. Punch cards expire after ninety days.

Are you part of an organization?

Yes, Metrowest Kung Fu is a branch of Shaolin Kung Fu Centers. There are 3 schools: Metrowest Kung Fu in Maynard Massachusetts, run by Sihing Eliot Prisby; The Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy of New England in Auburn, Massachusetts, run by Sifu Gary LaChapelle, and our headquarters, Shaolin Kung Fu Centers in Chesapeake, Virginia, run by Sigung Joe Maury and Sifu Sara Maury. All 3 branches of the organization maintain contact to provide consistency of training material and curricula between all of our students.

How old does my child have to be to do Kung Fu?

At least six years old. Generally speaking, children younger than six are not capable of the physical and mental demands that Kung Fu training requires.

I/my child would like to do classes, but I’m busy, can I only come once per week?

We understand the demands of modern society and will do our best to accommodate our students’ schedules, but we strongly recommend that all students attend class at least twice per week, otherwise the improvement of their skills will be much slower and they will fall behind the rest of the class. Monthly membership fees are not affected by the student’s attendance; see below:

What if I go away on a trip? What if I sign up in the middle of the month? What if I can’t come to class twice per week?

New students who sign up in the middle of the month will be prorated for the rest of the month. Established students are expected to pay their full monthly fee regardless of how frequently they plan to attend class. The kwoon is like a university; all of the students pay the same fee to be in the classroom, but it is up to the students to use their time responsibly. They can show up regularly and commit themselves to their learning, or they can prioritize other activities; the price stays the same. Students should give Sihing Eliot advanced notice if they do not plan to attend class for an extended period of time.

How do I start? What do I bring to my first class?

The best way to start is to show up for a class! You should show up a few minutes early to your first class so the instructor can introduce him/herself and have you fill out some paperwork. You can wear comfortable workout clothes, like gym shorts and a t-shirt. Please note that Kung Fu and Tai Chi students wear shoes during class; please bring a clean pair to change into when you arrive. You should also bring a water bottle. Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Tae Kwon Do students are eventually expected to order a school uniform. Yoga students are welcome to bring their own mats, bolsters, and blocks, but we have plenty to borrow if you do not have any of your own. The instructor will make sure you are comfortable and will help you though the basics.

Am I too inexperienced/too old/too out of shape to do your classes?

Absolutely not. When done properly, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, yoga, and Tae Kwon Do will all make your body stronger and more flexible. Our instructors work with each student individually to help him/her reach his/her individual potential in his/her own time. Our only competition is with ourselves!

I have previous martial arts experience. Can I start at my previous belt level?

No. Our requirements for each sash level are very specific and our curriculum consists of establishing a foundation of basics upon which more advanced and complicated techniques are applied. Skipping steps results in a poor understanding of Kung Fu and can lead to acute and/or chronic injuries. Putting on a white sash again takes a lot of humility, and you will need that humility if you are to be successful in your Kung Fu training.