Kung Fu

Adult Kung Fu


Tuesday & Thursday: 6:45pm-8pm
Saturday: 12:30-1:45pm

“Huaquan is characterized by its flawless, well-connected movements, lightning-like speed, and rock-solid stances.”
– Wu Bin, “Essentials of Chinese Wushu”

We study Hua Quan Kung Fu (华拳功夫), a traditional Chinese martial art dating back to the 5th century. Our curriculum includes calisthenics, stretching, and cardio through the practice of forms, weapons, partner drills, and applications. We use drills, isometrics, body weight exercises, and bag work to increase our strength and endurance. We stretch safely and efficiently to achieve maximum flexibility. We meditate to keep our minds peaceful amidst the stress of everyday life.

Challenge yourself to be your best. Learn self-defense, lose weight, and have fun along the way!

Kung Fu classes are taught by Sihing Eliot Prisby.

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Strength, Endurance, Discipline

Tournament Sparring

Two Person Forms